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Microneedling just got even better with the introduction of polynucleotides!

January 12, 2024by admin0

Microneedling is an incredibly versatile treatment due to the range of skin concerns it can treat and the fact its non invasive and relatively painless.

Covering you from anti aging, pigmentation, scars, acne, large pores and dullness this treatment can do it all.

Welcome to the era where looking fabulous isn’t just a goal, but a journey! As an aesthetic nurse, I’m here to enlighten you on the captivating history and undeniable benefits of microneedling. Buckle up, beauties—it’s time for a skin-deep adventure!

The Needle Takes the Stage:
Microneedling, the unsung hero of flawless complexions, didn’t burst onto the scene overnight. Its roots trace back to ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques, proving that poking ourselves for beauty isn’t just a modern trend.

Fast forward to the 1990s, and enter microneedling’s debut in the cosmetic world. Suddenly, tiny needles were the talk of the town! In 1905, the first known microneedling device with an electric motor was used by German dermatologist Ernst Kromayer. His technique used rotating wheels and rasps to ablate the skin in a controlled manner. The aim was to treat acne scars, keratoses and hyperpigmentation.

Soon after, medical tattooists discovered that after repeated sessions of tattooing patients with skin-coloured ink, they found that it was not the pigment but the needles themselves that caused the scar tissue to recede. Although this was not the intention of medical tattooing, it shed new light on skin rejuvenation, opening the door for further medical research. And so the it was here to stay!

Fast forward to 2024 where microneedling is used in conjunction with cocktails of increasingly sophisticated serums that feed and hydrate the skin encouraging not only regeneration but healing!

How microneedling works beneath the surface

Picture this ( see above), the channels are created by the device moving hundreds of times a minute as the tiny needles move in a stamp like motion to penetrate the skin at your aesthetic professionals chosen depth ( this varies from 0.25mm to 2mm and MUST assessed in line with the reason for the treatment, i.e 2mm would not usually be suitable for the face unless addressing deep scars).

Insert polynucleotides..

These bad boys contain SALMON DNA! Yes im talking fish DNA.

The science….

Polynucleotides are long chains of nucleotides, which are the building blocks of DNA. They help with cellular repair and regeneration, moisturisation, and protection against harmful external agents such as UV rays.

The polynucleotide chains  attract and bind water molecules, allowing them to provide a strong moisturising effect, which can contribute to improved tissue elasticity.

Polynucleotides have a remarkable anti-free radical action. They counteract the skin damage which can accumulate due to various stressors, including cellular damage, stress, and exposure to UV rays, giving them a  protective and cell damage reduction role.

Polynucleotides creates an optimal environment for fibroblast growth, essential cells for tissue repair and regeneration.

Polynucleotides are derived from Salmon and can activate fibroblast and stem cells, enhancing the body’s natural capacity to regenerate skin cells.

We coat your skin in this amazing cocktail then needling it in using the already powerful microneedling treatment! The skin has a massive surge of collagen boosting properties that also calm and heal!

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