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Meso Therapy has become the big skin boom! And with good reason…

June 1, 2024by admin0

Meso therapy isn’t a new concept having been around since the 1950’s.

But… the medical aesthetics boom had ushered in an advancement in the products used and the results are blowing patients and practitioners minds alike!

My first experience of meso was when I trained in SUNEKOS some 5 years ago and I fell in love with how versatile the treatment could be, addressing the delicate eye area and any other area of the face ( or body) that needed some TLC.

In 2024 the buzz is all around POLYNUCLEOTIDES 🧬

An incredible combination of fish DNA ( which closely mirrors that of our own) amino acids, hyaluronic acids and more.

These meso treatments are giving people results in record time ( as little as 5 days for some!). The best part about these amazing treatments is that they work well in conjunction with pretty much every other favourite skin treatments going such as antiwrinkle injections, skin booster like profhilo and radio frequency. All of which help the skin to stay in the best state possible by reducing fine lines and stimulating collagen production.


We only use medical grade sterile polynucleotides here at Beautiful You to ensure safe and effective results for our patients.

Book your skin consultation today to see how this amazing new technology can help get you to your skin goals faster

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