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These are some tips to help with brusing

Ways to minimise bruising

Tips for Minimizing Bruising:

  1. Avoid certain medications and supplements: 10-12 days before your procedure, avoid taking aspirin, St. John’s Wort, omega-3 or fish oil supplements, ibuprofen, ginkgo biloba, and ginseng, as they can increase the risk of bruising.

  2. Eat pineapple: Start eating pineapple 7-10 days before your procedure. Pineapple contains bromelain, which can speed up metabolism and help clear waste, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of bruising.

  3. Take arnica tablets: Start taking arnica tablets 7-10 days before your procedure and continue for 7-10 days after. Arnica is a natural supplement that can help reduce swelling and bruising.

  4. Avoid alcohol and exercise: 2-3 days before your procedure, avoid alcohol and exercise, as both can increase the risk of bruising.

  5. Use cold compresses: If bruising occurs, apply a cold compress for up to 24 hours after the procedure. Use 5-minute intervals and do not leave the compress on for more than 5 minutes. Also, apply arnica cream topically to help reduce bruising.

  6. Consider antihistamines: Antihistamines can help keep swelling to a minimum.

  7. Use concealer: As necessary, cover up with good quality concealer no earlier than 4 hours post procedure.


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